What Are DoFollow Backlinks?

When you are link building, you need to place a major focus on getting quality backlinks. You probably know that, though. That is why you have landed on this website. However, not a lot of people realize that you need a special type of backlink. You need DoFollow backlinks. If you have a backlink labeled as NoFollow, then it will have little to no benefit to you. Let’s explain.

What Is a DoFollow Backlink?

Search engines, such as Google mostly discover websites by discovering a link to the site online. Think of the internet as a series of connected roads. Sites link to one another. By default, all of the links that you see on a website are designated as ‘DoFollow’. This means that the search engines will ‘click’ the link and scanned the linked page. Essentially, the link is giving them permission to do that.

A NoFollow link is the opposite. When a link is labeled as ‘NoFollow’, it means that the site owner does not want the search engines browsing the page behind that link. There could be a multitude of reasons for this. Although, it is mostly used to ensure that certain pages on sites do not get a big boost in the search engines. Although, some sites have used it to mask paid links.

When you are doing SEO, you want to ensure that as many of the links as possible are DoFollow backlinks. While there are some benefits related to NoFollow, very few of them will relate to search engine optimization.

Why DoFollow Backlinks Are Important?

DoFollow backlinks are vital for effective SEO campaign.

A DoFollow link tells the search engines that they are able to scan the page that the link heads to. When a site is scanned, the referring link passes on some of its link juice (i.e. reputation).

The only way for a site to climb up the search engine is for it to be constantly scanned, and to gain a higher reputation from the sites that are linking to it. There is absolutely no benefit from getting a NoFollow link. Well, outside of the fact that you may get the odd person clicking the link and making a purchase. However, from an SEO perspective, there is no benefit to be had there.

How Are DoFollow Backlinks Created?

Now, here is the good part. Every link, by default, is a DoFollow backlink. One would have to go out of their way to create a NoFollow backlink.

In order for a site to class something as NoFollow, then they will have to do one of the following:

  1. Code it into the HTML of their site
  2. Explicitly state it in their server settings

We won’t go into how to state it in the server settings, as that can be a complicated process.

However, in order for a site to make a link NoFollow, they have to take a proactive approach and attach the following to their links in the HTML code:

a rel="NoFollow

This means a NoFollow link would look like the following

rel="NoFollow" HREF="/linkhere.com"

Without the ‘rel’ part, the link is automatically DoFollow, unless otherwise stated in the server settings.

Get DoFollow Backlinks Today

As you can see, getting quality backlinks is important. It is vital that they are DoFollow backlinks. If you are looking for a team that can build a backlink profile loaded with quality DoFollow links, then reach out to us today. We have a wealth of different link building packages available, and we are confident that we have a package that will suit your budget.


What Are DoFollow Backlinks?
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