How Do You Ping Backlinks?

Pinging backlinks to Google is important if you want your site to appear in the search engine. If you don’t tell Google that your site exists, then it will not be able to scan it. Thankfully, pinging backlinks isn’t too difficult. Let’s walk you through the processes that you can use.

Submit URLs To Google Webmaster Tools

The first step for pinging backlinks is to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. Each time you add a new page to your site, submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. Google will scan it.

Put The URL on Social Media

Your links should always be put on social media.

Now, social media doesn’t have the same credibility for SEO that it used to have. However, social media links are always followed by Google.

If you put your link on social media, then you may be able to gain a ton of shares for it. These will have an impact on your search engine position. Google loves social media shares.

Build Up Links From Authority Websites

From day 1 of your site, you need to work on link building from authority websites. You can put your links in a multitude of places online. However, no site is going to give anywhere near as much credibility to your links as a link from an authority website in your niche would generate.

When a link is placed on an authority site, it is likely going to get scanned right away.

Building up authority links can be tough, though. This is why many people opt to work with SEO backlink specialists, such as ourselves.

Send Your Sitemap To Google Search Console

Back to Google Webmaster Tools here.

Every so often, you should send an updated sitemap to the Google Search Console (found under the Webmaster Tools). The site map is a collection of all of the links on your site, and they tell Google how everything links together.

The sitemap will enable Google to spot links that they have yet to index in their system.

Remove NoFollow Internal Links

If you have NoFollow internal links on your site, then replace them with DoFollow links. Any NoFollow link, as the name suggests, will mean that the site behind the link is not scanned.

DoFollow links (which is the default position for all links) will ensure that every page on your site is scanned, and this means that you can enjoy a higher position in the search engines.

Deal With Orphaned Pages

Every so often, you will want to go through your site and look for orphaned pages.

If you have pages on your site that are not linked to by any other page on your website, then that page is classed as an ‘orphan page’. Google will not be able to see it, as there are no links heading there. If somebody gave an external link, i would be tough for Google to navigate the rest of your site.

Thankfully, dealing with orphaned pages isn’t too tricky. You just need to add a relevant link from elsewhere on your blog. This is something that should only take a few minutes to do. Remember, the link should be a DoFollow link. You don’t need to do anything special to create a DoFollow link. All links are DoFollow by default (unless you have tinkered with your server settings)

Build Backlinks Today

Want the easiest method for building up your backlink profile? Get in touch with us. We can help build links online. These will tell Google that your site exists, and you should start to see a rapid climb up the searches. Our services can help you to make money.


How Do You Ping Backlinks?
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