How to Get Backlinks

When you have a website, it is vital that you constantly build links. Increasing your backlink profile will result in higher search engine positions and more clicks through to your site.

We are going to run you through 15 quick ways for creating quality backlinks.

Look at Referral Sources For Your Site

Your first job is to look at sites that link to yours already. Get in touch with the sites that already have a ton of backlinks pointing towards you. They have already shown that they like your content, so it should be easy to nab some more backlinks from them.

Use Outbound Links To Form a Partnership

All websites should have outbound links on them. If you do not have outbound links, it isn’t going to be great for SEO. You can use the outbound links to your advantage. Other sites really want backlinks too. Drop sites an email. They may be interested in a link exchange. You give an outbound link to them, they do the same to you.

Use Google Search Console Reports

Every so often, it may be worth going through the Google Search Console. This will let you know who is linking to your site, and the types of content that they are linking to. Build up more of that type of content, and see if you can get in touch with some of the sites that have provided you with a link. They may be able to give you more.

Look At Your Competitors

You should always look at your competitor’s sites, particularly those that rank above you in the searches. Once you have worked out where they get their links from, you can try and score some links from the same pages. In fact, in some cases, you may be able to get their link replaced with your link.

Look For Broken Backlinks

As you hunt around sites in your niche, you may spot broken backlinks. If you have a piece of content that can fill that void, then reach out to the site. They may replace that broken backlink with your link.

Create High-Quality Content

The key to getting lots and lots of backlinks is to produce quality content. Quality content naturally ranks higher in search engines. This will encourage other sites to link to it. You should always be working on producing top-quality articles.

Skyscraper Content

Skyscraper content is tough to produce. A single article could easily be over 10,000+ words. However, these articles tend to cover everything that a person wants to know about a subject. As a result, they are going to be highly linkable.

Create Infographics

Infographics are highly linkable. People tend not to want to make their own infographics (it is hard), and thus they are more likely to link to infographics made by other people. Of course, you also have the side benefit of infographics allowing you to appear in Google Image Search, which is far less competitive.


Selling a product or service? Get people to write a testimonial or review on other websites. If you regularly use a product or service, then get in touch with the provider. They may allow you to write a testimonial in exchange for a backlink.

Get In Touch With Reporters

Journalists and bloggers are always looking for news stories or sources. They will often work with experienced people for this. Sites like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) will put you in touch with people looking for a story. If you become their source, you could generate fantastic backlinks.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has always been one of the top ways to build backlinks. The idea is that you produce a quality piece of content for somebody else’s website. You do this in exchange for a link. You may even want to do a guest blog exchange.

Do Interviews

Using HARO (see earlier) can be a great way to source interview opportunities. However, it isn’t the only way. Look for sites in your niche that carry out interviews. Get in touch with the site. They may love to interview you.

Get On Podcasts

If you have a lot of experience in a niche, then look for podcasts. It doesn’t need to be a big podcast. One with a small listener base of a couple of hundred people should be fine. You can get a backlink and also have people interested in your niche hearing more about your site, which is a plus too!

Use Forums

If a forum in your niche allows outbound links, then get registered. Don’t spam your link everywhere. However, if you can slide it into the conversation every so often, then the backlink will come in incredibly useful. Again, you also have a captive audience that is likely interested in what you are saying too.

Look For Resource Pages

Resource pages tend to be pages filled with links related to a specific topic. They are a bit more difficult to find, as many of them are just link farms. However, if there is a big site in your niche that runs a resource page, then get in touch. They may be able to add your link!

Remember, link building is a long process. You won’t see success overnight. However, if you keep chipping way and building up your backlink profile, we are confident that it won’t be long before you see a drastic boost in your search engine positions.


How to Get Backlinks
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