How To Find .Gov Backlinks

We all know that great backlinks make a big difference to your SEO rankings, but not all of them are created equal. If you want truly impactful links, many people believe that .gov backlinks carry the most weight.

Government pages have very high domain authority, which has a lot of influence over how search engines view the value and trust that your site provides.

Getting some of these high-quality backlinks for yourself is not always an easy task if you don’t know what you’re doing. This article will give you several different methods for obtaining valuable .gov backlinks, so that you can start boosting your authority online.

What Is A .Gov Backlink?

A .gov backlink is essentially just a link that comes from a government website. Any .gov domain is an official website of the local, state, or federal government.

Because these pages belong to government organizations, they carry high authority and a lot of trust. This also means that they don’t link to just anyone.

Is It Hard to Get .Gov Backlinks?

There aren’t any quick fixes or shortcuts when it comes to high-value backlinks like these, you’re going to need to put in a bit of time.

It’s unlikely that you will be able to pick up many of these backlinks before you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy and valuable online source.

How To Get .Gov Backlinks

There are a few different approaches that you can use when you’re hunting down the elusive .gov backlinks. You may not need to try every angle, but exploring multiple avenues is more likely to get you results.

1. Choose the Right .Gov Domains

Not every government website is actually going to be worthwhile for your business. On the other hand, your link is not going to appeal to every government domain either.

Use the advanced search modifier “” to start exploring the different options that are available and choose relevant sites to target. You can narrow it down with terms like location information as well.

2. Approach Local .Gov Sites

Your local government agency might be the first place to look. If you have a local address for your business, you can request that your local government website adds a backlink to your site as part of their business resources information.

3. Create Relevant Content

Government pages want to link to high-quality content that is relevant to them, particularly at a local level.

You could try writing a blog post or an article about the work that government agencies are doing – you might even interview a government official. This strategy is only really effective if it is relevant to your business and has a positive message.

4. Do Some Work With Government Agencies

If there’s any way for you to get a contract for government work, or get involved in outreach programs, that’s a ticket to great backlinks. You will probably get some earnings and publicity out of it too.

5. Broken Link Building

If you can find dead or broken links on a relevant .gov domain, you can bring these to their attention and offer your own link as a valuable alternative. Use a broken link checker tool to search through .gov sites for dead links that you could replace.

6. Purchase Expired Domains with Existing .Gov Backlinks

You might find some valuable, expired domains while searching for broken backlinks. If you want to acquire their value, you can pick up expired domains with a high number of .gov backlinks, and then redirect the backlinks to your own website.

7. Comment on Government Blogs

If you can find government pages that allow comments, particularly on blog posts, it’s a great way to get some backlinks in without too much time commitment. You need to make sure that your comments are actually providing value, though, or they are likely to get removed.

Conclusion: How To Find .Gov Backlinks

If you want to build on the Authority, Trust, and Expertise that your website is demonstrating online, .gov backlinks can be a great opportunity. They’re not easy to get your hands on, but they carry a lot of weight for search engines.

Finding backlinks on high-authority sites, like official government domains, requires a bit more effort, but the rewards are often well worth your time.


How To Find .Gov Backlinks
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