How Many Backlinks Per Month is Safe?

You’re reaching out to other content creators with similar audiences to get backlinks. You want to increase your search engine rank and domain authority. But you’ve heard that getting too many backlinks can backfire and hurt your position in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

So, how many backlinks per month is safe for you to get? It depends on the age of your website and content. However, between 10 and 50 is generally safe. Yet like with any guidelines and rules, there are exceptions. Other factors, such as how fast you collect backlinks, also come into play. Let’s take a deeper dive!

How Many Backlinks per Month is Safe?

When you’re just starting out, getting 10 to 30 backlinks or less is usually a good start. At this volume, you won’t raise any red flags. Anything up to 50 backlinks per month is also pretty safe.

As long as those backlinks are high-quality and organic and fall within webmaster recommendations and guidelines, you should be okay. However, this isn’t a license to go gung-ho on acquiring backlinks. We suggest starting out small.

Can I Go Over 50 Backlinks per Month?

The funny thing about backlinks is there isn’t such a thing as too many links. That is if those backlinks are of high quality. What you don’t want is a bunch of low-quality backlinks and those that resemble spam and link schemes.

Think blog comments from spammers that include links. These comments obviously have nothing to do with the blog content. The comments and links also read like they’re from bots. High-quality backlinks are embedded into other content on sites that have relevant domain authority related to your topics and keywords. For instance, a Forbes article backlinks to your content as a reference. That’s a link search engines will recognize as legit and of quality.

What About Velocity or Speed?

The speed at which your site collects backlinks can also be a red flag for spam. However, like the number of acceptable backlinks, this rule varies. Some SEO experts believe a high number of backlinks in a short time is a bad thing and hurt your search rankings.
Others disagree with this idea as there is a lack of facts to support it. That’s because a new website or piece of content might go viral and gain more backlinks in a month or so than older content.


Acquiring a lot of backlinks in a month isn’t necessarily going to hurt your SERP ranking. However, you should strive for high-quality links and plan to start at a slower pace. Be wary of getting a lot of low-quality or spam-like links. Aiming for 10 to 50 links a month is best.


How Many Backlinks Per Month is Safe?
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