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Press releases aren’t just for the largest companies in the world. They also come in incredibly useful for forward-thinking smaller businesses. Here at, our team is regularly writing and distributing press releases for smaller businesses, and all of them have benefitted from the distribution in a big way.

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What Is a Press Release?

You can think of a press release as a news announcement. For example, a press release may be issued to:

  • Announce a new product
  • Announce a sale
  • Announce the opening of a new business or a new branch of an established business

If there is an announcement related to a company, you can probably build a press release. However, even if there isn’t an announcement, you can still put together a good press release in most cases. You just need to ensure that you are working with a reputable press release distribution team.

In most cases, these press releases will fall into the hands of journalists. The journalists will then write stories based on the press release content. So, for example, if you have seen a fairly positive story on a business in the news, then the information was taken from a press release.

In other cases, the press release isn’t picked up by a journalist but is still launched into the world. So it is readable for anybody that stumbles across it, and it can still have a whole host of benefits for the business that issued the press release. 

What Are The Benefits Of Issuing a Press Release?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of issuing a press release is that there is a chance that a real journalist could pick it up. This can have a few benefits:

Good PR, including press releases, is often the main thing that a small business needs to understand if they want to hit the big time. This includes knowing the right places to put the press release to get it noticed, but our press release distribution service will help with that.

Even if journalists do not pick up the press release, it will still end up on relevant websites. This is going to be important for search engine optimization (SEO). After all, the more relevant sites that carry your link, the higher you will end up in the searches.

Honestly, there are no drawbacks to distributing press releases. This is assuming that they are well-written. They will help boost your reputation, branding, and search engine position. 

Hire Us For Press Release Distribution Today 

Press releases only work when they are distributed correctly. Distributing them blindly doesn’t work. There is less chance that they will get picked up, and a massive chance that a business will end up with less-than-great links. This is why you should put your press release distribution into our hands.

When you work with us for your press release distribution, we will use our contacts to get your press release where it needs to be. If you use our service, you stand a much bigger chance of having a journalist write about your business.

We have a press release distribution package for all budgets.  

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