How To Ask For Backlinks

Backlinks are not just important for you to add to your own content; having your content featured in others’ backlinks can work wonders for your content’s visibility and reach. However, how do you ensure your website is being linked to?

There are methods you can implement if you want to reach out to other websites to feature your content within their backlinks. Asking for backlinks the right way can generate more success, which in turn can help generate more visitors to your site and bring you closer to your goals.

How To Ask For Backlinks

It’s worth taking the time to research other websites and blogs that write about a subject that relates to your product, service, or writing niche. Targeting your outreach to relevant websites is ideal, as those websites are more likely to respond to you. You also want to stick to reputable websites, as quality is better than quantity when you are building up backlinking opportunities.

Be sure to give the person you’re emailing a synopsis of what you offer, and why you believe linking to your content would benefit them. For instance, if you have a unique experience, a product that is changing a certain industry, or have the most up to date information about a trend or a topic, let them know what value your content can bring to their own website.

It’s also worth offering that you’ll reciprocate by adding some of their content as a backlink on your website as well. They are going to want some type of evidence or incentive to use your website as a backlink to make the networking opportunity more lucrative.

Keep Your Outreach Organized

You should implement some kind of organization strategy so you can keep track of what companies you’ve reached out to and whether or not they’ve responded. Having a couple of templates generated for your outreach can also help you streamline the process.

It’s also worth having some type of database put together of links you think could be of interest to other websites to share via backlinks. You should also keep a database of high-quality backlinks you generate from other companies to share on your own website so you don’t forget to make good on your agreements.

What To Do Before Asking For Backlinks

You want to make sure you are making content worth sharing before asking people to share it. Make sure you have already established what your website is offering and there’s a clear vision behind what you produce.

There are tools you can use that will help you narrow down your searches based on keyword searches or domain ranks. This can help you weed through all of the irrelevant websites and platforms and tailor your search to your specific needs.

It may not be worth asking those who could be considered your competition to link to your website. Instead, search for people who share similar interests or products, but that won’t necessarily lose out by linking to you instead of to themselves.

For example, if you sell homemade cat toys, you don’t want to ask another company that sells cat toys to backlink to you. Instead, it’s better to reach out to blogs within the cat niche to backlink to your products.

You also don’t want to beg or seem desperate in your approach. Instead, show your value, and be confident in your value.

Why Asking For Backlinks Is Worth The Time

Having others backlink to your content is going to help your website rise in the ranks of search engines. This will make it more likely that your content will appear on the first pages of search engines when someone is searching for information that your content relates to.

Furthermore, backlinks will help expose your content to people who may not have heard of your website before. When a person is reading online content and sees a relevant link with more information, they might open that link to learn more.

Final Thoughts

You’re likely to see people use your content in their own backlinks organically once you begin to grow your online presence, but waiting until that happens is time wasted. Taking the initiative to get backlinks for yourself can help boost your SEO and gain valuable relationships in your online community.


How To Ask For Backlinks
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