How Many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe?

Backlinks can be a useful tool to make your article seem more authoritative, while also helping you get noticed on search engines. That said, if you don’t use backlinks wisely, they can end up working to your detriment.

If you’re wanting to maximize the benefit of using backlinks, there are ways to aim for the right amount of high-quality backlinks that have been determined to be safe.

How Many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe?

Generally speaking, you don’t want to add more than 30 backlinks within the content you’re publishing per day, especially when you are just starting to implement backlinks. Once you have a larger, more established website, you can add many more.

For instance, if you were to add 400 backlinks to your content on your large website, you want to make sure the backlinks make sense in the content you’re posting them into. You also want to make sure you are linking to reputable sources that will actually help boost your SEO.

Why Can Backlinks Be Unsafe?

If Google is able to detect that people are using disingenuous practices to get backlinks to their content in an effort to optimize their visibility on search engines, it’s considered against their terms and conditions. Thus, your website could get flagged, and that could end up working against you in terms of helping your content get noticed through links.

How Can You Have Quality Backlinks?

In order to use more backlinks than what is considered safe, you just have to make sure that the backlinks make sense when they’re added. They should be on topic, they should flow within the content, and they should be adding some kind of quality to your content.

How Can You Generate Safe Backlinks?

Be sure that you’re properly vetting any resource you are thinking of backlinking in your content. If you end up linking to a non-trustworthy website or adding links freely without vetting them, your content could get flagged and won’t show up on search engines.

Keeping your own articles and posts high quality, thoroughly researched (if applicable), and ensuring you’re getting your content out there through utilizing keywords, SEO, and sharing on social media will help increase visibility to your content. Thus, more people writing about similar topics may be more inclined to safely backlink your content.

Why People Might Choose Your Content For Backlinks

People may also use your content within their backlinks if you have a good perspective on a hot issue or topic, or if you’ve discussed something that is extremely relevant at the time. Additionally, if you’re an expert on a certain topic or in your field, you may have your content linked within others’ content.

So long as this linking is organic and you’re not a part of some type of linking scheme, it is only going to work in your favor for people to be using your content in their backlinks. It’ll encourage new visitors to check out your content, helping you appear more relevant when related keywords are entered into search engines.

Final Thoughts

Backlinks, when they work, are fantastic for online exposure. When they don’t work, they can unintentionally suppress your website. You’re able to get away with using as many backlinks as you want once you get the hang of how to use them well versus how not to use them.

Getting the hang of backlinks takes some experience, but once you understand them, you can end up using hundreds of backlinks a day safely without worrying about your content getting flagged as potentially cheating the system.


How Many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe?
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